Why are women so frustrated?

I was a virgin until 26. It just happened. I dont know why. I dated a lot. My sex drive was just low. Now I had sex ( amazing sex) with my fiancee who is 30.
But other women keeps telling me to dump him because for sure this one is a sexist guy who thinks women who aren't virgins are sluts. He is a great guy. He never ever said that. Why women hate on men so much? Why women ( not man!) cannot accept I was a virgin by choice and now I had sex out of love and I do not feel the need to sleep with others?
He once said that I am the kind of girl a guy wants to marry. It made me so happy but other women around me said he is sexist again just because he wants to marry a girl who only slept with him and that his self esteem is low
My mother died last year. No one helped me and provided me that much emotional support as he did.
I thought feminism its about all women. Not only about women who sleeps around. I was a virgin until 26 and all those feminist women blame me
Why are women so frustrated?
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