Why does onlyfans upset men?

obviously men like freaky women which i mean of course who wouldn’t want a woman that’s openly willing to try new and spicy things in bed. SOME men love sending unsolicited dick pictures and body pictures and if he’s lucky, the girl will either accept and send some nudes back or feel disgusted. I just don’t get why ever since the pandemic started and onlyfans became popular a lot of men have extremely negative things to say about women making money for doing things men do FREELY!

Men will go into the whole they want a woman for them and a woman to only do/show their body to him meanwhile he’s sleeping or trying to sleep with every girl he sees... Then the whole WAP song came out and it was even more backlash about how women have daughters and shouldn’t be singing the song and what are they teaching the young girls but the real question is what do we ever teach young boys?

I feel like SOME men are the only ones to pull the double standard card when it doesn’t benefit them.. it’s like how they talk down on strippers but quick to spend some money at one for a good time with friends or watch porn from home which porn seems to be worse than a stripper who doesn’t actually sleep with anyone.. it’s entertainment and a way for women to make money. So why hate on a woman using her body for money when most men try to use a woman’s body for temporary pleasure anyway?
Why does onlyfans upset men?
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