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Why do I attract depressed people?

I'm pretty patient and understanding with friends but also a no-nonsense, fairly blunt person. I'm usually pretty happy and try and brighten the atmosphere of where I am.

So please tell me, why do I keep attracting people who are trying to extinguish that positivity with their self pity? Why is it when they need me, I'm always there but when I could use them, they are nowhere to be seen?

I'm sssooo sick and tired of hearing about how life is so bad and whatnot, when we only have a short time to live and enjoy it. We live lives that emperors couldn't even dream of. Take personal responsibility and sort out your emotions people! I was born with autism but you don't see me complaining about that!

Where are the positive people? Where are the people who can brighten *MY* day! Who's going to be *MY* rock?

I can be my own damn rock and light but fucking damn it would be nice to have some support!

And as always, the pussy anonymous option is disabled :]
Why do I attract depressed people?
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