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I hate my relationship. What do I do?

I am 3 months pregnant with my fiance.
He has said heartless stuff to me. He has said that the reason why he gets back at me is because i am “spiteful with my anger” when im just telling him to clean up and be a man. He has also blocked my family’s numbers. He has disrespected my family. He has used things against me. I don’t love him anymore and i think he's using me for my pussy. His family have been rude to me and he has been making me miserable. But i have no money to leave him. What do i do?

Tonight i went back to hating him because he disrespected my friend’s children. I told him that he fucked up. he's a goof. he says he wants a strong woman but it seems like he wants a doormat when its all said and done. This time love ain't enough.
I hate my relationship. What do I do?
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