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Shall we get Bi'Bot to own up?

I originally thought the "bi" stood for bisexual but I could be wrong. Perhaps it's biased, biracial or bilingual, who knows. Then I spotted that Bi'Bot's Choice begins with BBC and we all know what that means.

So it's time to settle things once and for all. Please answer the questions below and when Bi'Bot chooses his "superb answer" we'll know EXACTLY what he/she is into.

Bi'Bots profile

1: What is Bi'Bot's political viewpoint?
2: What is Bi'Bot's sexual orientation?
3: What is Bi'Bot's sexual kink?
4: What is Bi'Bot's race?
5: What is Bi'Bot's religion?
6: What is on Bi'Bot's criminal record?

Remember Bi'bot will be confirming (or perhaps confessing) the correct answers when the superb opinion is picked.
Shall we get BiBot to own up?
Shall we get Bi'Bot to own up?
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