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Are you into hookups?

Its never really been my thing because i catch feelings so easily. Plus i dont like to just give myself away to just anyone. Like if i do something with you, its likely because i’ve liked you for a long ass time and am glad something finally going down between us 🤣 I only ever hooked up with 2 guys but it was pretty PG so I don't know if that even counts. Like the most I let happen was one sucked my tits and fingered me while i grinded on him and jerked him off. And like we had a long ass makeout session where i may have been completely naked 😂 but the other was some years later and he just stared at my boobs while he fingered me and i jerked him off. End of the day, they were longterm crushes and they just kept on hoeing after that day, so clearly the hookup wasn't worth it but i felt accomplished 🤣👌 Now i can't even do that little bit because I’d prob actually take it too far or catch serious feels. So yea, hookups ain't for me. But you do you... #iGotTheHookup #FeelFreeToList
Are you into hookups?
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Are you into hookups?
Oh no, Oh no, I dont hook up
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Are you into hookups?
I have before, but dont anymore
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Are you into hookups?
On occasion
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Are you into hookups?
I never have but would like to
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Are you into hookups?
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