Is he being manipulative or passive aggressive?

I've been dating a guy for several months, in a LDR. He seemed to me nice, caring and patient at first. However, I have found myself thinking about some of his actions that didn't make sense to me and seemed quite manipulative or just off. So I just needed to clear it up, maybe I'm the one overthinking.
For example, he's always so gentle and nice when he has to answer my texts or calls, in case he feels I'm drifting away, but he never does any real action or effort to maintain the relationship. He can say a lot of sweet and easy words, like I missed you, you are important to me... But never do an actual real effort to make me happy. In fact, he can say this and leave my message on read afterwards for hours.
Or, when we have an argument or I ask him for space, posting photos of another girl on his Instagram stories. When I confront him about this, he makes me feel like I'm the crazy one for inferring things from photos.
I also noticed he gets jealous easily and always tries to turn things against me. For example, let's say I explained him once about a guy at a job interview trying to flirt with me (without the goal to make him jealous), he immediately switched the conversation towards him, saying for example that it's a pity he can't come to see me now he's gotten in better shape thanks to the gym (to make me feel bad or jealous). He even got jealous of me masturbating once, while we were apart of each other, which was quite odd too.
I also noticed he tries to persuade me into doing things in the sexual life which I don't want to. And he does this in a such funny and naive way that one day I found myself almost agreeing.
So, when I started creating a puzzle with all these pieces I found that he is really really manipulative. But then I also started to think, maybe I'm the one who's overthinking? Maybe he just doesn't care about me I'm reality and does these things just because he wants to do them.
Is he being manipulative or passive aggressive?
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