Does he secretly want me?

I’ve been seeing a physical therapist for jaw and neck pain and I can’t tell whether he’s flirting with me or if it’s just his personality. (It might be worth noting that I live in Spain) so maybe there is a cultural factor. I'm also guilty of feeling attracted to him.

The first day he was explaining my condition and he was standing so close that I moved away a little. On that day he was also telling me different physical activities I could do and kept mentioning how having more sex could be great for me.

Also whenever he talks to me he touches my leg, but like above the knee and he has sometimes touched my arms, and even brushed my forehead with his hand when I was laying on the table. He's also tucked my shirt into the back of my bra a couple of times, but I guess that might be necessary for him to be able to work better. And last, but not least, I swear I felt his penis brush up against my arm (more than once) while he was massaging my neck one day. I guess it could have been unintentional (he is very tall)?

What do you think? Is my imagination getting the best of me? He’s also married which makes me think it’s all in my head.
Does he secretly want me?
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