Should I be mad about this convo with my ex?

Me: was be better than me?
Her: Actually yes, but i can tell you you're bigger
Me: wait what? How and why?
Her: You know how I always said you hurt after? He didn’t. He was calmer & when I dried up he cuddled me & I got wet & he continued. It was just different & I don't know I liked it a lot
Me: Well sorry guess I’m too rough for you
Her: lol probably
Me: sorry, bet he did eat you like me that I'm certain of
Her: lol, somethings never change with you
Me: whats that
Her: Lol he ate me only once & I don't know if we’ll ever see each other again but it was a good one too
Me: kk, It would’ve been nice to know that you wanted me to be gentler but it is what it is it is the pass so fuck it
Her: even if I asked you to I don't know if you're capable
Me: whats that supposed to mean
Her: you like your sex hard and your sex drive is always
Me: your point
Her: you can't slowdown even if I asked?
How should I feel?
Should I be mad about this convo with my ex?
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