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Do you think G@G is a problematic site?

I just had a person make about 5 accounts pretending to be different people to harass me after i called him out for making a fake account pretending to be a anal craze women to comment on everything i was saying.

Plus i just had a grown man invite me to answer a question based on how his arse looked.

Im 16 years old, what is wrong with some people on G@G. I feel i get more harassment because im 16 years old then a woman in her 20s. Luckily im pretty grown up for my age and can stick up to these prevs but this site is not safe for children under 16 and its as if G@G don't care and the admins that actually care only have little power.

I can also see this becoming a women hateing, Incel site and its as if G@G encourages and supports extremely backwards minded, racist, sexist
and homophobic people on this site. They are constantly putting their questions on the most popular category and we all know most popular on G@G doesn't mean your question is popular. You can have zero comments and be put on "popular" its because that's what G@G wants to promote and i seriously wonder what goes off in the peoples minds who work for this site.

id understand if it was a genuine question but most of the time it's not. These people have no interest in listening to others opinions or getting help and instead are set on believing there own shit and blaming others for it so much they will get there little friends and fake accounts to gang up on you for simply giving them a honest opinion because the truth hurts their feelings yet they call you the snowflake

This site is not what it's purpose is supposed to be for. When you were "girls ask guys" you think it's a site for woman to ask men question not a site for freaks to constantly posed sexist or smutty content and i think G@G must be are aware of its issues but doesn't want to take responsibility to fix them.
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People try and discredit my opinions on here by picking out that im 16 or the fact my spelling isn't great because i have dyslexia and it's usually the tiniest spelling mistakes they pick up on. Just to this discredit my opinion. Yes i may be 16 and dyslexic but I've spoke to plenty of 28 to 50 year olds on this site who have shit for brains and have some fucked up views on the world. Being stupid doesn't have a age limit on it.
Do you think G@G is a problematic site?
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