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Are flufferboys a thing in real life?

We're all familiar with fluffergirls in the porn industry, unsung heroines who get male pornstars hard and ready for action. However in the real world it's often the women who take longer to get aroused. Sure most guys will attempt foreplay but all that time he's down there licking the magic bean he's getting more and more aroused himself. Result you get 3mins of thrusting and it's over before you know it.

The obvious solution would be to bring in a flufferboy. Someone who could row the pink canoe and do the groundwork while your man has a nice cup of tea downstairs. There's plenty of guys who aren't that successful with women who'd love the opportunity to get some hands on experience and hone their skills, so why not take on an apprentice to do the menial tasks.
Are flufferboys a thing in real life?
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