What’s better, male escorts or older men?

Guys my age are not serious for a relationship or respect women. I have also read guys in their 30s are divorced with kids, something I do not want to get involved with. I crave for intimacy and affection but don’t want my mind to be played with. That my options are to hire a male escort or start a relationship with a older man.

With male escorts, there’s no games being played or strings attached. I pay a professional how to please and satisfy me to my liking. Nothing forced or aggressive but with gentle kisses and slow pace, while making me feel valued.

Whereas a older man can spoil me cause I’m young and fresh.

I just want to feel valued and loved and it has lead me to this. Because guys in 20s, 30s are not serious for anything only heartbreak and games.
What’s better, male escorts or older men?
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