Found Out My Mother Masturbates, HELP?

I know masturbating is normal but I grew up in a strict Christian household so we never talked about. I just always assumed that it isn't very Christian like because my parents never mentioned it. My mom is super conservative and I never thought to ask if it was okay because I assumed that the obvious Christian answer would be no. So a few weeks ago I was on the computer and noticed two saved vibrators and I was shocked. Like to the point where I felt nauseas. I got enough courage to ask her if Christians were allowed to masturbate and she got super defensive and said, "Married couples can be as freaky as they want to be in their bedroom" at this point she didn't know I knew about the virbrator but the quick defensiveness told me she'd be embarrassed if I asked. This was something I wondered for awhile so I told her what I saw. We got into a argument with her telling me I was trying to be nosy. Like I seriously wanted to know what happens with her parts, yeah right. My dad told me that its only okay for married couples to do because if single people have no significant other so they would end up imagining different people which can lead to lust. But anyways I know its natural but knowing my mother does it has been weirding me out for a month now. If you seen her personality you'd understand where I am coming from. I do not know what to do.
Found Out My Mother Masturbates, HELP?
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