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Have you ever seen a girl call out a guy for being a white knight?

I got in a heated argument a long time ago with my ex, and nothing was close to becoming physical but we were decently loud.

This dude unjustly intervened and interrupted us creating a barrier between us looking at my girl asking if she needs help. The approach was so damn awkward and unnatural. I told him to fuck off and mind his own business, and he just told
me to calm down acting as if I was screaming at him lol. Immediately after, went to my girl again and asked if she needed him to walk her to her car or something. Even went on to say he was in an abusive relationship and offered to talk later 😂 all in front of me. Made a comment about how not all men are like this. At this point I’m laughing. This dude maybe weighs a buck fifty, not even 6 ft tall. He’s got some balls. This dude is so far out of line at this point ahahha.

One thing that turned me on about my ex is that she can be a straight savage when she saw it as just. It was entertaining to see her go full slay queen mode. I sat back and watched with a smile. I knew she was going to say some shit.

My girl gave this dude a blank unamused stare and asked why he’s here. Tried to explain and he immediately got interrupted by her saying that he’s pathetic for thinking he’s going to get laid by sucking up to women like that. Said he’s not going to be able to protect shit and he probably takes it up the ass. Went on to call him a slimy little white knight pussy and told him mind his own business the next time. The dude was stunned and speechless lmao. Practically ran away. I clapped. It was beautiful.
Have you ever seen a girl call out a guy for being a white knight?
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