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How should I even feel about this because right now I feel ugly and unwanted?

So I've been married for 13 years and had another baby 4 months ago. We have 4 kids together now. It's been 6 months since we've had sex, not for my lack of trying he never seemed interested would just watch tv. We've had sex once in the 6 months.
Anyways I found out recently on his Instagram that he has been following (multiple girls) and liking these very revealing/sexual photos from a girl who is on Onlyfans. I never even heard of it till then. This was during the time we weren't having sex, while I was still pregnant. I immediately got pissed and then burst into tears. I don't feel good enough for him if he has to go liking this girls ass and tits who's to say he doesn't actually have an Onlyfans account. he's always on his phone and very secretive.
I actually recently read an article where a woman found out her boyfriend was cheating on her on Onlyfans (Onlyfans isn't Porn), because she tried signing up on there with her fiances account etc and he already had one. I seriously dont even know what to do or think. I'm still very hurt (he doesn't know I found his social media account and I'm not about to tell him).
He doesn't talk to me about what he likes he doesn't seem very interested in sex with me anyways. Amd whats to say he's probably npt thinking about this girl or imagining I'm her while we are having sex?
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I honestly wasn't expecting these nice replies, I was expecting an answer of "he's a guy and it's in his nature, just get over it".
I know I'm not as good looking as this girl or whatever but seeing him following her when she posts a photo of her ass (ets) and when I try to show him mine he looks disgusted.
Just last night I tried to get him interested and he acted like I was bothering him 🙄
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Clarify after I read it again. The revealing photos he likes of the girl is on Instagram but she also apparently has an account on Onlyfans, i don't know if my husband does or not
How should I even feel about this because right now I feel ugly and unwanted?
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