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Does he love me?

2020 Nov -19th, I was on bumble just for fun to swipe and I wrote in it that I'm looking for a serious relationship despite dating and my date say mr X found out from his friend about my existence on that app and he said me that we'll just be friends and I felt bad coz I didn't know he was seriously into me and I deleted that app and I told him too and he said it's ok if I want to date someone else but I've to inform him when I do so that he knows so I said ok and he said me that he don't wanna be in serious relationship because he is focusing on his career so he want me to remain as his friends and next day 20st, I hooked up with someone randomly say mr Y coz I wanted to remove hurt feelings from my heart and the same time Mr X texted me if I am dating someone the same time and same day and I replied after 2 hours that no I am tired and don't have time ( I lied) and I think he know I lied coz he saw my snapchat location. And we as friends played games online as usual like we did always and next day 21st he texts me - also horny very romantically so I asked him that " if we're friends why you're being romantic - are we dating? " He says " I guess so" and then next day 22nd we decide to meet and we spent quality time drank alcohol and also kissed so passionately like never before in a good bar.

Before this entire episode 2020 April to September I was in a long distance relationship with a man I never met in person and he felt too bad and sad he told me that and I was depressed too and me and my LDR broke up coz he was asking me for nudes and all. I told all of this to Mr X and after a week or two he texts me and we start dating again. We first dated in 2018 twice ( we slept together once) and 4 to 5 times in 2019 during summers coz he was in bschool from 2018 to 2020. He asked me if I remember the day we first met and I said I don't, he said me it don't matter to me but it matter to him and then he said it's ok I don't need to know. I felt bad.
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2 mo
I love mr X I realised this on 21st and I don't know if he does too
Does he love me?
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