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Why is it when you suggest a woman act with abit more class they assume your jealous of them?

I see so many unnecessary post on here by women who are desperate for creepy prevs validation on this site.

They will ask the most stupidest questions like "would you eat a strangers pussy?" by the way i know no was asking for a picture of it put here's mine if anyone on the worldwide web is interested. Like how desperate for attention can you get?

I also see girls ask questions like "why did he cheat on me? " or "do you like big boobs? " just as a excuse to post inappropriate pictures of themselves so creepy old man can give them some validation.

It pisses me off because this site is for asking real questions. If you wanna post your nudes get on only fans and make some money from it. This site also has no age restrictions on it so when you post pictures like that not only adults can see it put the little pre teens can too and what kind of message those that send out to teenagers on this site. If you want attention from the opposite sex post a picture of your tits online.

When i confront these women all they can do is swear, bloke me and tell me im jealous when really they're embarrassed someone called them out on it so resort to swearing and personal attacks. When all i say is something along the lines of "was the picture of you half naked necessary to help get answers for your question? ".

I don't actually personally attack them if anything i want them to talk to me. I used to be like them not as bad as them but i wanted mens attention constantly because I was insecure at the time and thought the best way to get it was by using my body. I actually want to help them to be able to find validation in themselves without posting inappropriate pictures of themselves online no one was asking for. If anything i want them to also help me so we stop younger girls and boys from making the same mistakes.

It also adds to the reason there's such a lack of respect for women on this site too.
Why is it when you suggest a woman act with abit more class they assume your jealous of them?
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