Do you think I was catfished?

So i met a guy online. We both are in 2 different countries across the world. We met at a therapy site and so the guy was really insecure about his dick since a girl he was hooking up with called him huge. So he wanted me to say if it's bad or not. So i accepted it only to help him. I was so nice that he had to keep me as a friend. So we were talking for 1 month. He sent me dick pics and it soon turned into sexual convos along with getting to know each other's life. He sent me his face and body pics and i was too insecure to not send mine. But still he respected my decision and said that whenever i feel comfortable. He never got angry at me for that.
So within 1 month when i was starting to catch feelings and also had a big exam coming up, i pushed him away and so he deleted his hangouts (where we were talking). I was very hurt and just yesterday while i was watching porn, I saw an ad for penis enlargement which had the same pic he sent me first.
He doesn't use social media like fb or insta and whenver i tried people searches with his name nothing came up. I thought he would have missed me like i did and so would have came back to talk to me. But he didn't
But why i doubt if i was being catfished is because he stayed even if i didn't send any pics. He told me about his studies and interests and his job. He told me about his exes. He said he won't have sex until he got to know that person and so his body count is only 2 which is why i doubt he would post his dick pics online. But he was ready to do that when i asked him to post a question here. We used to talk for about 3 or 4 hours continuously and he was a health freak. He used to say i make him laugh so much and that he likes sending me pics even though it's a one way street. He also used to send me videos of his shot just at the time we were talking.

I was thinking of posting this on reddit and see the pic's origin. Do you have any other sites where i can post it?
Do you think I was catfished?
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Do you think I was catfished?
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Do you think I was catfished?
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