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Why are there so many "pedos" & incels on here?

like i swear 1/4 of guys on here a litteral incels, and the bad ones usually. like the types who are like unironically "rape should be legal", "dom violence is good bc women need to be put back in their place" or "i wish i lived in saudi arabia because women have no rights" (litteral ops i've seen this week on here).

like wtf. even saw questions asking about why rape is illegal, and why it's a big deal or how women actually feel about rape like wtf is this world come to. and ik most of those aren't trolls by the way.

and then you got the fuckton of pedos. a lot of the "incels" are the ones doing that too, but i mean it's everywhere on here. even a lot of old guys, like 40 yos are saying that shit out in the open.

litterally every question to do with teens or preteens on here, you got a few guys who are like "14 yos are so hot, like girls reach their peak at that age. i'm 27 & my ex girlfriend was 14", "i wish 12 yos were legal, they're really hot" or stuff like that. like on litterally every question.

and then usually there's trying to justify it, and saying fucking 13 yo girls should be legal and it's just feminism that made it bad or whatever.

even if we're talking about kids kids, like 8 yos, esp if it's to do with csa or whatever, there's guys saying they don't undersand how it's bad, traumatic or whatever bc it's just sex & they would have loved to have been raped at 7 or whatever, and they call victims pussies or whatever. like wtf is wrong with this site.

anyways if you're that type of guy, please comment so i can block you & don't have deal with your shit <3
Why are there so many "pedos" & incels on here?
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