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How does it feel to know that your wife could beat you up?

It's not that I believe that a husband must always be physically stronger than his wife. As a pro-feminist man, my comfort in my own identity is not linked to any sense of muscular superiority over my spouse! At the same time, I'm a product of my upbringing. I've never been in a relationship with a woman of my wife's level of fitness and power and agility. It's been a shock to realize that I am frequently judged because of my partner's strength. The reactions I get when folks see us together in the gym fall into one of two camps: some people (usually men) assume I am "hen-pecked and put-upon", a wimpy victim who is dominated by his wife. Others assume I must have something very special "going for me" (something not evident to the naked eye, mind you); I must be "extra-confident" to be able to "handle" such a strong woman!
But in the end, while I celebrate my wife's physique, I don't rely on her looks or her athleticism to boost my self-esteem or my feminist credentials. What makes me proudest about my wife is that I think that she is such a marvelous role model for other women. Her willingness to tackle traditionally masculine sports, to be unafraid of developing strong and evident muscles, sends a powerful signal about female ability and potential. Our future children will see in their mother a woman who is very clear about one thing above all else: femininity, ferocity, and obvious physical strength are not mutually exclusive propositions! And in their father, lord willing, they will see a man who does not define his masculinity by his ability to physically protect his weaker wife.
How does it feel to know that your wife could beat you up?
How does it feel to know that your wife could beat you up?
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