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It made me depressed?

So recently I had went to a friend’s place because she didn’t want to be alone and was drinking because she was going through a break up. So I went over just to comfort her. Well she was drunk and angry. And continue to drink more. I didn’t drink at all. Anyway she was coming in to me. Like close enough that I could have kissed her but I knew that was wrong. Even though I wanted too. So after I think she was horny because she started moaning and was putting my hand on her body and at one point got on top of me and started going up and down. But then she undressed completely and passed out for 2 hours. I just went to lay next to her because I was tired and go off work. I took off my shirt and pants because she had the heater on and I was sweating. I was just in underwear. She wakes up randomly and crawl to the restroom and pulls her cover to pee but just did it on her covers. Then I picked her up and took her to the bed to sleep more but she said take my underwear off so I can be comfortable I did and she cuddle next to me and told to rub her back and body. She passed out again. I never took advantage of her because I’m better than that. Well long story short she finally wakes up out of her drunk ness and ask why I’m naked and I tell what happened. She is embarrassed and ashamed. I go home. Text her in the morning and she says she is sorry and grateful I took care of her. So later I call her she is ok but still embarrassed. She later text me saying I’m a good guy and knows we did have sex but she wants to be alone and let this pass before she can look at me again. I tell her to take her time. But after I feel bad because I think I’m at fault and get depressed over it. Did I make a mistake if so. Tell me what I did wrong?
It made me depressed?
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