If revealing clothes and promiscuity is a deal breaker, then why do men seek out these women?

I think it's time to call out the hypocrisy in "MOST" men who will advocate for "classy" and "conservative" women but will lust and chase after whores or women who dress inappropriately who seem to get the most attention.

Men will complain about weave, makeup and anything a woman will do to accentuate her beauty including breast and butt implants that they also complain about but will go to strip clubs to be entertained by these women these will also be the same women men will pay to sleep with and also cheat on their wives/girlfriends with. These also be the same women in rap videos.

Men will complain about revealing clothes and get upset at their wives/girlfriends post sexy revealing pictures online but women like Amber Rose, Cardi B, Kim K and Black Chyna who were former strippers/sex workers or any random Instagram model with a nice body gets over MILLIONS of likes off of pictures that they deem "inappropriate " if their spouse or significant other do it.

They also say they want a "Woman in public and a freak in private" but will secretly watch that "freak" on a porn whom every man has screwed who's naked body and sex acts is exploited for the entire world to see and they say they don't like whores but will sleep with prettiest whore they can find especially if her ass is fat enough.

Men say they like "natural-looking" women with little to no make up, short natural hair and dresses "classy" (meaning showing nothing but her eyes) yet these women don't get a second look barely any likes on social media and sometimes being called average.

Not saying this is all men but it's most men that practices such hypocritical behavior and please don't give the same old lame excuse saying "oh they're just easy women" "men just want to sleep with them" umm DUH 🤷 but obviously they've attracted these men to them enough to wanna sleep with them which still means that they still find these women attractive which is the point I'm making so please make it make sense?
If revealing clothes and promiscuity is a deal breaker, then why do men seek out these women?
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