Everyone thinks I'm gay?

Before you say something like "wow quirky you're not like other girls" Ima just say that a lot of girls are just like me, I'm not unique or anything, its just who I am thats it. I'm straight/a bit bicurious, I like boys. Girls are cool but I'm not attracted to them... or maybe a bit, but not nearly as much as I am to boys. But everyone says I am attracted to women only, because I don't wear makeup ever, I do parkour?, I do skateboarding, I don't do my hair up nicely (its either out or in a ponytail), I spend all day playing video games, I stay up to like 5 am a lot which I was told is a boy thing, but I only do it because I'm scared of going to bed when its night time, I have a habit of being like "one of the guys" pulling pranks and being immature, I have short nails, I don't like wearing skirts and dresses, and when mum asked me to wear makeup for this prom I was going too, I felt uncomfortable wearing too much. About the only feminine things I do is that I'm a sensitive little bitch and I like the colour pink, but other than that I'm too masculine... not the sporty kind more like the gamer kind?, I don't know. Again I have other woman friends like this but they are bi or lesbian. Should I just give up and start becoming attracted to women, because at this point people won't even say I'm bi, they just straight up assume I'm a lesbian and I'm not homophobic... I just don't get why I can't have my own personality and still be straight?

I have been in two relationships before and in both I'm still friends with them now but it was basically because I was too boyish and one of them said he was too feminine.. its complicated. Anyway, what do I do? I don't feel comfortable being feminine, its just not who I am... I don't want to change myself but I might have too.
Everyone thinks I'm gay?
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