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Turning 28 in 5 months and still a virgin?

I know there's nothing wrong with being a virgin. But sometimes I worry about being 40 (plenty of time) but that thought scares me. Lately I've been spending the time just focusing on me right now but sometimes I feel inexperienced. I have somewhat social anxiety and sometimes feel awkward around people even when im calm. Im the Jessie Eisenberg kind of guy, the stereotypical guy in teen movies whose never gotten laid etc. I've kissed a girl before and experienced foreplay. But should I wait for the right person? How can you wait for the "right" person anyway? How can there be "the one"? One of my friends suggested Models by Mark Manson (on chapter 4). Here's what I picture happening for next year when this pandemic is over: im out clubbing with a bunch of guys and I meet some girl, she takes me aside and we make-out, maybe she brings me to her place. That would be the shit.
Turning 28 in 5 months and still a virgin?
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