Does he have deep feelings for me or does he love me?

I have a relationship with one of my ex’s for almost 2 years now. He calls it friends with benefits and I call it being his side chick. He was my first love my first everything so that means I gave him my virginity 12 years back. He is in a relationship and so am I. We both have kids with our current partner one being the reason why we can’t be together. He actually got her pregnant 2 months after seeing me. In the beginning of our relationship we both agreed if one catches feelings we would end it. I admitted to having feelings for him and that I loved him 6 months into our sexual relationship. He said he cared about me a lot and liked me for me but he wasn’t in love with me but wanted to continue to see me. We went from using condoms in the beginning. I’m on birth control and have been the whole time. We stopped using condoms and started the pull out method and we did that for awhile but in the last month, he asked me if he could cum inside me and I said yes. My opinion I feel like he does love me. It’s been almost 2 years having sex with him now and I feel like your not going to start cumming into a woman if you don’t have some kind of emotional connection to her. Am I right or am I wrong? Does he love me and is to scared to say it?
Does he have deep feelings for me or does he love me?
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