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How it ended Up like this So quickly?

There is a Guy who is My Sister's Senior in her college and he is like her Boyfriend but he was quite Aggresive and short tempered Guy, Almost 3 Weeks Ago, One day he Came to My home and he Started heated Arguments with My Sister over Some their Personal issue !!! And they both Started insulting each other like Cat & Dogs !! So I decided to Go out of the home for Some time and I stepped-out of the Room but Soon I realized that I had forgot My wallet in the house, So I Came back and When I Pushed the door, I saw my Sister standing fully topless and her torn blouse and bra were lying on the table and this all was happend in almost 7-8 Seconds !! I was Baffaled and Surprised to see how he had taken her blouse and bra off of her in Just 7-8 Seconds? and What Could have been the issue in between they two Which ended like this?
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I know that Guy is quite Strong So he probably had torn her blouse from her front but how did he take her blouse and bra off of her ( out of her shoulders ) in just 7-8 Seconds?
Any ordinary Guy Can't do it Unless he is a Criminal and had done this before to many other Girls !!
How it ended Up like this So quickly?
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