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Are there methods of flirting, what are they?

I just want to know in case I ever find myself in this kind of situation. I shouldn’t really be expecting it though. The only thing I can do that’s close to flirting is make bars about s*x. Allow me to demonstrate...

They call me D-MAC, cuz I be looking like a whole Mac. Employed your chick... she be wishing for my whole sack. Behind your back, she be all up in my drawls. Now... I ignore all her calls. When I saw her (not your chick), I started erecting. I’m hard af, she must be a god damn Ice Queen. Screw the kissing let’s just start the f*cking. You be the gun, I’ll be the magazine. Damn... she’s a cock-sucking machine. After this... the bed gah be all unclean. Imma make her call me Dad-ay. We eating all the Nyas... we eating all the Nyas cuz these dinos be hongrey. Come back if your looking for a Java A ‘Trios, that’s when you f*ck three of me at once. Just want you know... if prefer to f*ck from the fronts.

So, what do you think about my bars? Come on, dead or not. You have to admit that was awesome.
Are there methods of flirting, what are they?
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