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Can people still see what you've written after being blocked from a G@G account?

I've actually been on this site for years on and off so I've seen all the fake accounts and attention seeker's all before and know who they are when I see them on here.

I don't get people who lie for attention especially online. Its really annoying and pathetic especially on G@G because people are generally taking time out of their day to help them when all they really wanted was form you is to stroke there ego or fetish.

I can give you two examples (I could give receipts that I know it would be taken down by G@G if did) . Basically there's one girl on this site who is constantly posting pictures of herself pretending to be her ex boyfriend or his new girlfriend. She claims she either cheated with her ex boyfriend and is the new girlfriend and posts loads of pictures of herself asking how she looks because she's deeply insecure and desperate for compliments. All she cares about Is how she looks. I've tried to help this girl myself before and when I found out she was lying I was annoyed she'd wasted my time. I'll call her out on it every times she makes a new account and she just blocks me.

Theirs also another girl who pretends to be her cheating boyfriend whose she's punished by making him cross dress. It just find the whole thing stupid and disrespectful towards real trans and cross dressers on this site because she clearly has some sick fetish for them. She's actually posted something today and when I tried to expose her she blocked me.
Can people still see what you've written after being blocked from a G@G account?
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