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Guys, Feedback on my sexting game please?

thinking about running the tip of my tongue over your balls and up your hard cock and nibbling on the head of your dick then i wanna make it really wet by using a lot of spit and taking your dick deep into my throat... then you can hold my head back by gathering all my hair in your fist and cum all over my face watch it run down my neck and chest...

could you please thrust your cock deep inside my mouth, stretching my throat and making me squirm. I want you to take my panties off with your teeth inch by inch, after that I want you to gently circle my clit with ur fingers don’t stop till I tell you to. then get in the shower with me and smack my ass, grab it and gently spread my cheeks and finger my pussy, we’ll get pretty worked up then I want you to rub your hard cock against my clit I’ll get so wet and horny bc of you that we'll do it soaking wet on the bed, I’ll be on top riding you so hard and fast whilst kissing your neck...
Guys, Feedback on my sexting game please?
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