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Am I wrong to be annoyed?

My boyfriend asked for sex last night and everything was going good i give him a bj he only touched me for about 2 mins but as soon as we went have sex he went soft and he asked me get him hard again so I give a bj and whenbhe was hard I went try have sex he asked me suck but longer he just came
Then he just laughed but didn't even do anything for me just annoyed me because he should at least want me get something out of sex not just himself
And now if I suggest sex within next couple days hell most likely say we just had sex when we most definitely didn't
I was just left turnt on and annoyed

Would u be annoyed by this
Should I say something I just feel it start an argument I dont care he came I'm happy he did and i love giving him a bj but if u come i think he should have made me
Am I wrong to be annoyed?
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