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Does it sound like he actually came?

My boyfriend and I had sex all night. Every time he was about to cum, he would hold it back. We started at around 10 at night and went until around 10 the next morning. We just did this for fun to see how many times we could go and it was hot and fun. But the next morning after he held his cum back for so long, he started cumming and he said that the orgasm lasted a really long time. He had came inside me and when he pulled out, it was a very thick white liquid but it didn't fall out on my legs like it usually does. It didn't seem like there was as much as there usually is, but maybe thats because his cum is usually a thinner liquid than that. And after he came in me, he said that since he fucked all night and held it back so long that he didn't get all of his cum out, so he masturbated on my face right after he came in me. This time there wasn't very much that came out and it was thinner than what was in my pussy. Why couldn't he get all of his cum out in my pussy? Was it because he held his cum back for so long? Does it sound like he came inside me? There wasn't much that dripped out of me, but it was very thick and white. I also peed after we had sex, so maybe his cum dripped out when i peed so i didn't see most of it?
Does it sound like he actually came?
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