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Sexual questions?

1. Presume you're in a bath tub, does your dick floats or sinks?
2. How do guys know if a woman is aroused?
3. What would you do if you found your girl sleeping on the bed naked?
4. Would you appreciate it if your girl walks around the house naked all the time?
5. What would you do if your girl wants to abstain from sex and says that she wants to wait until marriage? Will you wait or will ypu break up with her and find someone else who would fulfill your needs?
6. Thoughts on dating a doctor? Would you feel intimidated?
7. Would you rather have a girl who's openly wild or a good girl on the outside but wild in bed?
8. Is it true that every man's dream is to have a threesome with 2 girls? Why or why not?
9. Do guys get aroused by making out?
10. Cute and nerdy or attractive and hot?
11. What would you do if your girl's sex drive is a lot higher than yours and she wants to do it all the time?

Some of the questions were from an article that I've read online about things girls want to ask guys lol can somebody answer these questions? I'm genuinely curious about it! Thanks though! :)
Sexual questions?
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