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Girls, how do I feel more feminine?

I know this is somewhat strange but honestly I feel sometimes feminine even though I'm a guy. Actually I love feeling as a girl and be sexy. So I'm thinking of wearing some panties and bra but still haven't tried either. Also would love to wear dresses and skirts.

Frankly speaking, I like to simulate myself as girl and having menstruation period once a month. I'm curious to wear a sanitary pad or tampon and feel myself as having the period for 2-3 days.

So I'm seeking for you girls opinions on this to start wearing panties and bras with dresses or skirts and also sanitary pads/tampons.

Please help me to buy correct sizes of above articles for me and suggest me any tips for choosing them as a beginner.

My waist size is about 32" - 34" and chest is about 36"-38".
Girls, how do I feel more feminine?
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