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#Poll Which do others shame you more for?

Also, do you self-shame for any of the above? I think sexually, everyones shamed for something whether by others or by themselves. Even if not often, I’m sure we’ve all had at least one experience in which we were shamed sexually. Whenever I have sex, I think im shamed for never wanting to stop. This could be by the guy or by myself. But i view it as a bad sex addiction like i once had a softporn addiction. So yea after sex, I often force myself to return to celibacy since im not yet married because I think i would literally kill his dick if i didn't stop and i’d prob cause myself not to be able to walk for a good while. I’m shamed by others for being a bit of an exhibitionist and enjoying sexual things in public places. And then I’m also shamed for not wanting a lot of sexual partners in life. A lot of people feel the more partners, the more experience. But I dont see it that way. You can experience/learn a lot with just one person.
#FeelFreeToList #ALowDownDirtyShame
For Having been sexual at such a young/old age
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For Having been sexual with too many people
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For Having certain sex fetishes
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For Not having been sexual enough with my partner
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For Not having had enough sexual experience
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For Not having had sex at all for my age
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For Having chosen to save myself for marriage
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#Poll Which do others shame you more for?
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