Standing at the cross roads, can you share your thoughts?

I’m standing at the cross roads, processing a BIG life changing decision.
I love the man I’m with deeply.
We have been together for 5 years.

I’m at a point where I’m finding it hard to deal with an issue in our relationship.
my partner is addicted to porn, watches it daily, I struggle with this because he watches young girls & I’ve been sexually abused at a young age being the young girl/older man scenario, its significantly affected me, what it’s done to my soul words words can not convey.
I’ve acknowledged this been a trigger, got counselling & working through the best I can.

my partner knows of my past.
Recently I told him clearly what I need he admitted the following;
I’m not the right guy for you, I’m just stringing you along.
Its about something I’m after it has nothing to do with you, I’m highly sex driven & like the feeling of been turned on. I want the feeling you can’t give it to me all the time.
I’m wrestling with not wanting to give it up.
Isn’t the addiction obvious.
I don’t care about how you’re feeling that is why it’s all fucked up, if I really cared I wouldn’t do it.
This decision has brought to me thinking that I could have a life without you.
I’m sorry your had to battle with this, you don’t have to be okay with it.
I know porn effects emotional intimacy so his response is no surprise, but hurtful.

He went away then returned (2 days) saying
”he is totally committed to me, he doesn’t want to lose me, he loves me, can’t imagine his life without me, will do what ever it takes & seek someone to help with his porn addiction”.

It’s been a week since the huge turn around.
Today I’m feeling like I stand at the crossroads, he hasn’t said anymore since last week.
I basically don’t want to be stringed along, I don’t know much about how to read this situation I feel emotional tangled in this and I’m keen to get outside optinions 🙏
Standing at the cross roads, can you share your thoughts?
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