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What should I do about my 6 year old's behavior?

She steals from me, she lies, she screams at me, she likes to play with overly sexualized dolls (LOL dolls) and watch inappropriate sexual youtube videos about touching butts.

My husband encourages it by buying her these dolls. He lets her watch these videos on her tablet with no parental blocking programs. I got into an argument with him yesterday about it. I refuse to give her tablet back to her. She is watching naked people at the beach!!

I threw away the stupid sexual doll after doing a lot of research on the brand. When he bought it for her i really was super upset and he made fun of me! He made fun of me when he first met me and i was a virgin. Then he turns the table around and says i am mean, no wonder my kids hate me. My kids hate me because i am not like him. I don't let them watch sex videos all day. I don't spend hundreds of dollars on sex toys for them. I am so mad right now.
What should I do about my 6 year old's behavior?
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