Is this a weird sexual fantasy?

You’re Mercury. You’ve been flirting with the Sun for a couple of millenia, and it’s getting heated. One day you’re feeling particularly frisky so you reach out and stroke his ass. He reacts by moaning out in ecstasy and it’s worth the burn you receive. You share an intense look that says both, “I want to undress you and tongue you all over,” while simultaneously saying, “I could learn to hate you and throw you off your orbit.” Before you can process the intimacy of such a love-hate glare, God appears from nowhere looking the angriest you’ve ever seen him. He reads from a small book, in a loud, low growl: “A PLANET AND A STAR MAY UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ENGAGE IN SEXUAL RELATIONS.” Well, that’s boring, you think. But whatever, you can still flirt and masturbate while thinking about him. After God leaves, you talk about how hot black holes are and whether Earth or Mars would be better in bed. Then you realise you’re ass to ass and you feel your craters getting wet. While facing outward at the universe, you ponder over the fact that, five billion years from now, you will be fully consumed by the Sun and become one. It makes you mad but at the same time there’s something beautiful about it. Morning comes and you’re facing him again. You are overcome with the urge to jump into his rays and grind yourself against his metallicity. You cum prematurely but feel no shame. Sun looks darker now. It’s a beautiful day to fall in love or hate. You close your eye imagine the Sun going supernova, nothing left in the solar system but his twitching, severed cock. It’s a dark thought.

Over on Earth, a cravat-wearing professional ice skater makes love to the slender farmer’s daughter on a bale of hay.

Is this a weird sexual fantasy?
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