How do I get over the biases or prejudices I have against a certain group of people?

Tried asking this on Reddit a year ago, but considering how that site is, you can imagine how it went.

I have a deep disgust for "bisexuals"/pansexuals. They really gross me out and I find them deeply offensive. I don't necessarily want to, but everything about them annoys and disgusts me. I associate them as being identical to homosexuals, but completely unethical and dishonest. I don't have a problem with true homosexuals, at all. But "bi" people come off like amoral scum and the most unethical people in the dating world. The logical part of me knows this likely isn't true (with all of them). But the emotional part of me is still grossed out by them, which makes it hard for me to be rational.

I guess, it's like, with a 100% gay person, I know they'll stay on their side, and we can co-exist peacefully. But with "bi" people, it's like they're gay in disguise, which is basically what they are, in my opinion.

I'd be afraid to ever date a girl (again) and find out, at the end of the day, she's really attracted to women and sees me as feminine or dainty. That infuriates me, so much. The same shock that would come from finding out you're dating a transwoman with a penis.

You can never know who's "bi" or not, unless they state it. It's like the movie "They Live." Either way, a woman who is turned on by women (or any man, in general) is the last thing I'd EVER want to date. Hell, I'd probably take a forthcoming, post-op transwoman over a biological woman who's heart is set on women. I feel I could never trust a "bi" female, and that they genuinely have next-to-no (maybe 1-2%, at the most) actual desire for men/masculinity. The inverse applies even more so to "bi men."

In other words, dating a "bi" female would be like me labeling myself as femme/twink/queer/effeminate. It makes me uncomfortable and grosses me out to think about it.

So, how does one get over a bias like this? I don't want to think like this, but my feelings are my feelings and they're pretty valid.
How do I get over the biases or prejudices I have against a certain group of people?
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