Best friend with benefits

I've become very close to a guy friend I've known for over 3 years. Actually, we're practically best friends since we share almost everything with each other, and We talk everyday, like best friends would. We've both been single for 2 years, so we're pretty open -- including talking about sex. We'll talk about different types of sex, positions and toys that we've tried with our partners. I basically treat him like one of my girl friends. But because we are so close to one another, we didn't think it would be wise to start dating.

A few months ago, he got me a Vibrator for my birthday. I thought it was a funny joke, (as if a girl friend had got it for me) but assured him I would make good use of his present. But he wanted to make sure himself that his expensive gift would be put to good use. In actual fact, not only would he want to use it on me, he'd like to strap one on and do so. Well, I asked him whether or not he wanted more from our friendship. He said that I wasn't his type, but indirectly proposed the Friends with Benefits option. As we were blatantly (and harmlessly over MSN) flirting, he started to invite me over for some late night hookups. At first I couldn't tell if he was serious or not, but I finally went over last night, curious to see what might happen. We ended up sleeping together (probably not surprising either), and I thoroughly enjoyed it. But there were a few weird incidents because "we weren't boyfriend and girlfriend" - things he wouldn't do, like kissing on the lips. But we did cuddle, which was a bit weird for FWB, but felt really nice. And since we were open, we talked about what we didn't and didn't like sexually, throughout our night.

He said that as long as we both were single, another late night rendez vous would certainly be welcome. In fact, he was willing to let me pick out new sex toys I might like to try out.

Part of me would like to keep this FWB because I had a good time, and I know I need to completely trust someone to have sex with them. And since it has been 2 years since I got some, I'm definitely due for that! Although I don't think I'm developing feelings for him, I find it weird thinking about other guys or hanging out with him casually the next day amongst our group friends. Does being f*** buddies with your best friend make things too complicated? Sometimes I wonder that after all that we've been through, are we both afraid of making this a relationship? Do I have the false hope that sleeping together will amount to a real relationship? I want to relocate next year, and something like a boyfriend would be a burden to such a life-changing important decision. The relationship I was in 2 years ago was a committed relationship, where we nearly got married. I don't want the commitment again unless I'm sure I'd marry that person.

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Ironic that a guy I met recently has asked me out. It's still early on, but there'll be a second date! I've been single for over 2 years (3 year relationship prior to that), so maybe I've just felt the need to be with someone. Funny how timing works out.
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My 'Best friend' has also been asking lots of questions about this new guy I've been seeing too. lol. The sadistic part of me gets pleasure out of telling him how cute I think he is, and how ambitious and smart he is (qualities I don't see in my bff)
Best friend with benefits
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