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Boyfriend constantly asking about my sexual history?

I never talk about my sexual history with my partners. I don't want to know about their past and frankly it's no one's business. I personally feel this kind of conversation is rife with potential issues and I prefer to mitigate the possibility of "jealousy" or feelings of "inadequacy" by not discussing it. My current boyfriend is constantly pestering me to tell him about my sexual history. It gets to the point where I snap at him to get him to stop, and even then, sometimes he continues. I want to know why anyone would be this insistent on knowing about their partners past. For the record, he's from Italy (has that typical possessive stereotype going on), 30's, is larger than the average man (so I doubt there's any insecurity about his size), claimed it turns him on to learn about my past (but I doubt this because he frequently says things then claims he was "joking"), asks in all kinds of settings (walking, bedroom, cafe etc). Honestly, he sounds like a pain in the arse, and he is, but I like a bit of sparring so it works for me.
Boyfriend constantly asking about my sexual history?
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