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How much do guys share with their friends?

Recently through a mutual friend (Nikky) I met a guy (Jake) who was interested in me and was into me for a couple months but I didn’t remember when we meet. Long story short, I meet him officially (at a party) over the past weekend and he was very sweet and very interested in me. During the party I was the DD so I was driving some of the people home and Jake joined me for the drive. While we were gone, Nikky who was at that party was questioned by jakes friend (brad) if I was going to have sex with him, give him a bj or hj, etc. and while he was asking, the whole room was listening in and it was dead quite when he asked Nikky about me.
The next day Nikky found out that Jake and his friends were talking crap and they were all eager to know if I’d hook up and the details and such (they said very objectifying stuff about women including Nikky and how they wanted to threesome with her and gangbang and stuff along those lines, not something women would want to know basically). Jake also asked me out the next day and we roughly planned to meet up sometime (this was before Nikky told me how he talked about me and women to his friends). So basically my understanding is that Jake shares intimate details with his friends (we never hook up or did anything at all that night by the way) and basically degrades them (?).
to know he talked like that really rubbed me the wrong way and I’m currently on the fence about him but I wanna know if that is reasonable? Like is that the general conversation guys have with their friends or was that wrong of him? Jake was very sweet and nice to me (but also bc he wants to hook up he might’ve been nice? 🤔 I don't know). Like I also just wanna hook up with him, im not looking for a relationship or anything but I don’t want other guys to know about me in that sense, it feel invasive but like am I thinking too much into this? Should I give him a chance?
How much do guys share with their friends?
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