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Is it wrong for a virgin to only want to date another virgin?

I'm a virgin who only wants to date other virgins when I start dating in the future. I've had things happen to me in my past that made me see sex the wrong way. My family always put a big emphasis on having tons of sex. My mother and my siblings all lost their virginities at 12 and became teenage parents with people who they don't even love. I've always been looked down upon by certain family members for having different interests that aren't related to sex. These same family members have told me that I'm a total loser for not having sex and I'm going to die a virgin. My cousin who brags about stealing other guys' girlfriends and sleeping with 17 year olds tells me that the moment I get a girlfriend he's going to sleep with her before I do.

This caused me to be confused and timid about my sexuality. I would get very uncomfortable with sexual conversations and when people talk about sex. But I've learned to take value in my virginity and know that there are women out there who would value my inexperience.

I only want to date other virgins because I want my sex life to have a much deeper meaning. I want to find someone who I truly love and have our first experience together. I don't want to be with someone with previous experience, I want to be with someone who also doesn't have experience so we can walk into the world of sex blindly together, and I hope that my future love will value that as much as I will. I will admit that my standards might be a bit unrealistic these days, but I won't give up on it.
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Is it wrong for a virgin to only want to date another virgin?
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