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I scissored my best friend and now wondering if I’m bisexual?

We’ve only ever hooked up twice. This time it was different. She told me earlier that night she was attracted to me. I’m not sure if that only means in a sexual sense but to give context, we were talking about the threesome we were going to have later that night with her boyfriend. She was explaining how he was excited and how she thinks he picks up her energy towards me. That’s when she made the comment she was attracted to me. We later had the threesome as planned. But the next day when he was at work we hung out as usual. I took a bath then came into the bedroom and sat on the bed and put lotion on. We’re really tight so this kind of stuff is not unusual. Then she touched it and made a comment about how smooth it was and that she liked the fresh shaved feeling. We talked about getting waxed. Then she grazed my clit a couple times. I twitched a little and she asked if it tickled. I said no it felt good. Then then started rubbing me. Took her shorts off and I rubbed her for a few minutes until we ended up scissoring. We came. It was hot af. Neither one of us have hooked up with other girls or even wanted to. So I’m not sure if it’s just we’re so close and comfortable with each other or what. Thoughts?
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I tried to see what her thoughts were on this since she instigated it and it’s all new to me. She basically shut it all down and interpreted me trying to find out why she told me she was attracted to me, as me wanting a relationship or some crap. She also said that she said it to let me know she thinks I’m an attractive human being and to be confident about that which is total bull because her exact statement was, “I think Kyle knows I’m attracted to you”. I’m so beyond annoyed.
I scissored my best friend and now wondering if I’m bisexual?
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