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I’m scared my boyfriend doesn’t find my body attractive?

I’m very insecure about my body. I don’t really talk about it to my boyfriend, but when I have, he usually tell me it’s beautiful. That is the only time he will compliment my body. I’m also very insecure about the way my vagina looks. I have what is considered an “outtie”. I tell my boyfriend I don’t think I look attractive. I tell him I’m afraid he doesn’t like the way I look either. He never disagrees. He doesn’t directly tell me that he is attracted to my vagina, or isn’t. He doesn’t compliment my vagina in any way, other than telling me that it feels good. Almost like he avoids the question. Does that mean he doesn’t think it looks good? It’s eating away at me. I have less and less sex with him. He doesn’t know how safe and comforting it would feel to have him tell me that he is visually attracted to the way I look. I have to say that I think this is the biggest reason I find it so hard to have an orgasm. I’ve never had this problem in a relationship before and I just don’t know what to do.
I’m scared my boyfriend doesn’t find my body attractive?
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