Is it possible that my straight forward approach can be misconstrued as abusive/manipulative?

In the beginning I'm very into you I am complimentary & I do invite you to open up in return I will in the hope of us getting close. When we have established a relationship I will introduce you to my family&friends. I'm straightforward, restaurants I will sometimes pick the place & hope you want to pick somewhere if not this is where arguments can occur, the person may be fixated on making me happy & not make a decision which at this point will become irritating.
(why should all decisions be left to me)
If there are important events for work or friends I will ask you to save the date. Since we're dating unless you have some prior engagement I do expect you to be there, much like when they have an invite, I expect a notice period for a formal attire event & at least a day or so for something casual (basic etiquette) unless it's spontaneous.
I won't hound you throughout the day a text maybe in the morning, a call at lunch, a call after work my job doesn't allow for mobile phones throughout the day.
Mature respect for my livelihood as I do yours.
At home as a given I don't expect my partner to try & escape chores, I expect especially if I've cooked for him to automatically do the dishes. I'm happy to help dry but without that get up an go, I'd be annoyed.
Sexually I'm invested within limits, I'm vocal about things I don't like & I don't want someone to keep asking me if they can do something. A guy needs to be confident enough to take the reins.- I'm only talking about pace and force. Fetish & positions like acrobatic type stuff etc that can be flirted over in conversation before the bedroom.
I feel like sex in a relationship can be casually discussed, when it's done in bed in the moment it becomes clinical& anxiety inducing. That's not my thing, respecting 'no' is essential on both sides.
I value clear communication, I hate feeling like someone's manipulating or undermining my confidence.
We should actually want to be together.
I do like my way but I'll compromise.
Is it possible that my straight forward approach can be misconstrued as abusive/manipulative?
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