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Are people who frequently date someone of a given race, doing so out of self hatred/inferiority?

Remember years back on this site of a female user mentioning that she use to go out with only white males because she was of the belief they were better partners than minorities. She ended up getting used for sex. The outcome of this was, she became jaded and bitter and vowed to never give another white boy a chance.[Follows the typical Indian girl route of dating white guy when it comes to interracial relationship thinking he is morally superior to men of her race.]

Similar, I've seen black men express joy of having children with a white women and hoping their children get their mother's "good hair". Do you think that if someone is a minority (Asian, Black, Native American, Indian etc) and they frequently go for white people that often their is an underlying inferiority or self hatred of themselves?[White guy leaves her 1 year into marriage after getting his fill of Indian pussy. Goes on here about being attracted to moral and character and not look of person.]

Now you are probably asking, why single out whites? This is because in the media still portrayed as the ideal beauty in western culture and white as Ideal beauty has even splurged over into East Asian markets with face lightening creams and eye surgery.

In media films such as Hollywood while yes there are negative portrayal of white males it is still overall positive. Whites are given right balance of characters while other minorities fall short in other characters and are portrayed as flawed.

For example, black men are often portrayed as meatheads without intelligence in films and/or comedians. So while they are given masculine trait they fall short in intellect category. Asian on the other hand are given intelligence but often placed in emasculating roles/position. While white males often get right balance of both intelligence and masculine traits in films.
Are people who frequently date someone of a given race, doing so out of self hatred/inferiority?
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