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How do you get over your partners sexual history?

Basically the situation that I 26M have been dating a 24F.

We started out on a few dates, and during COVID ended up having something more casual where we both dated others during this period of time, now am currently officially together. She's fun we have have great chemistry and I like her.

Issue is she have revealed that she has slept with 15 guys including me. Most were either casual things from dating app, or drunk hookups when travelling overseas. This is a lot for me to be able to deal with and makes me internally upset. She also casually mentions things in the past - Eg about making out with a bunch of guys, or and ex hook up she liked choking her etc. Also annoys me that she slept with other guys (2 i know of) while we were seeing either, despite me sleeping with 5.

The part that is quite hypocritical, is that I have slept with 37 girls. A few relationships but majority were ONS. I've done much more than her. I completely acknowledge that, I am being hypocritical here. But what I am hoping with us guidance of being able to get over this massive barrier to our relationship moving forward. What is interesting is that she didn't care about my hook ups but relationships affected her, for me I don't care about her relationships its the hook ups.
How do you get over your partners sexual history?
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