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Was I too harsh?

I have been hanging out with the chick for 3 weeks or so and we were talking last night about life, covid and then after a while sex. I brought up oral sex and very very casually mentioned that she hasn't gave me head. When I very casually brought it to her attention, I did it in a half jokingly way just so she didn't feel like I was pressuring her. And she in a less jokingly way said she hates doing it and she gave up even trying it years ago. It definitely changed the vibe in the room.

She stayed last night and we both worked this morning. She called me about her lunch time to casually talk and I could feel the "so what are you up to tonight?" Question coming and before she could get too much out I told her it's just not gonna work between us. Que awkward silence. Finally I got off the phone without incident.

My question is was I too harsh? I just don't feel like even pretending to be having fun at that point. Don't get me wrong, she was a pretty cool person. that was really my one and only complaint. I feel if that's completely off the table then that gives me the opportunity to go find it elsewhere and that's just not right. I am not that person. But what's a guy suppose to do? My answer was panic and bail.
Was I too harsh?
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