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Would you be turned off by this?

i'm really insecure and embarrassed about my body, i'm kinda skinny' i'd say average, a cups which i don't really mind but my areola is kinda big and i really hate it, it's just so unattractive
i also have a ton of strech marks all over, on my tits, ass, hips i just can't look at them without getting sad or frustrated

my nipples are puffy, kind of big, you can clearly see the hole in the middle, they're flat usually unless you play w them (the nipples are soft and inside, so ther'ye not pointy and you can't really see them like that) but when they're hard those little dots show up as well
i have these ugly red-purpled strech marks on the sides and underneath
and my ass is literally covered w white strech marks

i'm just really ashamedof this, i'm 18 and can't see myself opening up to someone on the romantic level so i'm absolutely terrified about getting intimate w someone
i have this guy friend that over all we're very open w each other and whenever we talk about bodi image and stuff he tells me that i should'nt worry and natural is pretty but i did'nt specify, kind afraid he'd be grossed out if he found out

do guys really mind? is this really that bad? am i just making a big deal out of this?
i know that everyone's different but from your prespective pls
Would you be turned off by this?
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