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Boyfriend confess that changed smtg in me?

My boyfriznd and I were living a very happy 5 month relationship, I am virgin and I thought he was too, we had some AMAZING non sexual experiences, our relationship is fusionnal, we love each other and we can have an orgasm just by SexTelephone.. etc..
But he told that me he had sex once, and now I feel so weird, so bad, I can’t stop imagining him with someone else, even if he told me that it was one time years ago and that he didn't like it, it was very basic.. but with me it’s very different and he adores it even if we never had sex (I believe this part cause honestly I drive every boy crazy 😜) I’m between two ideas : one = believe him two = Not believe him
I don't know, can guys not like a sexual experience? Even if they have an orgasm? Or is he telling me this just to make me feel better..
i can't stop thinking about scenarios between him and someone else and it hurts
PS: I’m a BOMB 💣
Boyfriend confess that changed smtg in me?
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